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How do I figure how much paint I’ll need for my project? It seems that every time I paint, I either have leftover paint or not quite enough and have to go back to the store for more!


Good question. There are lots of factors involved, but for most interior and exterior projects the following will usually give you an accurate estimate of your needs. Simply calculate the square footage of the surfaces to be painted and divide by the number of square feet that the manufacturer indicates can be covered by a gallon of your selected paint.


My know-it-all neighbor tells me weather conditions need to be considered when I paint the outside of my house. Obviously, I shouldn’t paint in the rain or the mid-day sun, but otherwise does the weather make any difference? Or, is my neighbor all wet?


Your know-it-all neighbor does, at least, know something about exterior painting. Paint when the temperature is above 60 and below 90 degrees F. Otherwise the drying time will be adversely affected. Avoid not only rain but also wind. High winds not only can cause your paint to dry too quickly, they can also blow dirt and other debris onto the wet surface. You should also try to paint with the shade. In other words, if you can avoid painting indirect sunlight, do so.


Should I use a water-based latex paint or an oil-based paint?


That depends. Both will do an excellent job under most circumstances. Water-based paints have a number of advantages especially for of do-it-yourselfers including ease-of-clean-up and general ease-of-use. In addition, top-quality latex paints generally have excellent adhesion to most surfaces and generally exhibit superior resistance to bleaching and fading when compared to oil-based paints. However, to determine which type of paint you should use for your specific project.


Is it always necessary to apply two coats of an exterior paint?


Actually, if you are painting new siding or where all of the previous coating has been removed, you should first apply a coat of primer followed by two coats of paint. However, if the surface was previously painted and that old paint is still sound, a single coat ofa quality paint will probably suffice. Your local independent paint retailer can advise you as to whether two coats will be necessary for your particular situation.

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Use our PPG Color Workstation located inside our store to help you find the perfect color combinations and finished for your project. A fun and simple way to quickly view from limitless options. You can also ask one of our certified paint specialists any related questions regarding your project.

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